About Kinshipped

Ever since I learned how to hold a pencil, I’ve loved sending and receiving hand-written letters and packages. It has always given me great joy.

It wasn’t until high school, when my dad lost his battle with pancreatic cancer, that I was introduced to grief, and sending and receiving mail also became a great comfort. It was the support I received through words, actions and yes, gifts, that gave me continued strength. The experience made me reconsider what support really meant and the different ways it can exist.

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As an adult, I’ve witnessed the people I love experience all kinds of “milestone life events,” both celebratory (births, marriages, home ownership, jobs that have shattered the glass ceiling) and heartbreaking setbacks (death, illness, accidents, miscarriages, break-ups and divorces).  Over the years, my friends and I have collaborated on seemingly endless care packages for them all. We noticed that there was no acceptable solution in the market for us to offer support. Everything was either too expensive, tacky, precious, or just too damn #basic.

It became obvious that there was a need for a better gift box option - something we’d be proud to send and grateful to receive. And, from there, the idea to create a more personal gift box company emerged - the care package re-inspired.


Kinshipped recognizes that you want to be there for the major life experiences, especially the ones that are harder to know what to say, or what to give. We’ve put together a set of boxes honoring them all, through the highest highs and lowest lows – more personal than a cheeseboard, longer-lasting than a bouquet of flowers, and more intentional than overpriced chocolates.

Kinshipped hopes to inspire you to get your compadres, crews, classmates, coworkers, covens, cohorts and co-habitators together to show support for the people you care about.

Better, easier gifts for every occasion–
even the shitty ones.